About ADEA

The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) is a network whose purpose is to promote effective partnerships between its two main constituent groups: African ministries of education and the cooperation and development bodies that support development programs.

One of ADEA’s key principles is that the responsibility for education rests with the countries concerned. It therefore strives to foster a process that empowers African ministries of education and makes development agencies more responsive to African countries’ concerns and priorities.

Thus, ADEA’s activities focus on encouraging dialogue on education policy and reforms among all stakeholders. ADEA also supports the development of institutional capacity by strengthening technical and institutional competencies, by establishing networks for information exchange and by encouraging the sharing of strategies, good practice and successful experiences.

The ADEA Secretariat is located in Tunis at the headquarters of the African Development Bank, its host institution since 2008.

ADEA and communication for education

Information exchange and communication among partners are crucial to well organized education systems and to the achievement of quality education for all: this is the idea underlying ADEA's Working Group on Communication for Education and Development (WGCOMED), created by ADEA in 2002.

The main mission of WGCOMED is to strengthen communication structures for education. Its activities target communication officers in African ministries of education and journalists who cover issues related to education and development. WGCOMED has been involved in the design and management of the Award. Along with the ADEA Secretariat, WGCOMED actively implements the activities ofthe Africa Education Journalism Award which are fully in line with WGCOMED’s own objectives.
  ADEA Secretariat
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